Task 3: Content Container
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Task 5: Bottom Section
Task 3: Content Container (continued)
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Update the local repository

Task 2: Footer

At this point, the footer PR should be merged. You may not have realized but we already started another round on the roadmap.

We requested a new review and ooloo-bot already approved. That means we're again on the right side of the roadmap. She didn't request any changes and we already merged the branch.

So the next step on the roadmap is pull main.

The changes from the footer branch are inside the main branch on GitHub but not in our local repository yet.

So go ahead, checkout the main branch and pull the latest changes. When you have a look at the history you should see two new commits on main: one for the header fix and one for the footer.

Once you're done, it's time for the next task: the content container.

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