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The Fix

Task 2: Footer

At this point, you probably saw the new Pull Request by ooloo-bot that includes a bug fix for the header.

Now you can see the process from the other side and be the code reviewer yourself.

Review the file changes

To review the changes click on the Files changed drawer. Here you can see all the changes included in the PR.

You can click on one of the line numbers and add a comment to give feedback. Try it out if you like but don't expect anyone to answer 😀

Finally, if you're pleased with the code changes (which I hope you are) click the green Review changes button.

Select the Approve option in the radio button group and optionally add a comment. Finally, click the green Submit Review button at the bottom.

Merge the PR

Now the merge button should turn green. Go ahead and press on Squash and merge.

Since the Pull Request contains only a single commit, the commit message is used to prefill the form field.

Let's stick to our convention and use the PR title instead. Replace Decrease header height (#3) by Fix: Header (#3).

Finally, confirm the merge.


Congrats, you reviewed your first Pull Request. By now you have seen the GitHub Flow in it's simplest form from both perspectives: as the author and the reviewer of a PR.

You already started to get a taste of some real teamwork. And soon the GitHub Flow will become a bit more complicated.

Could you help me out?

If you enjoy this course so far I'd be super grateful if you could share it with your friends.

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